Solar industry

The solar industry poses very different challenges for INTEGA. The supply of base and special gases alone, varies considerably in the various production environments. The production of polysilicon in the necessary quality requires different supply structures than production lines for organic and thin-film photovoltaic cells. This applies equally to the handling of cooling or waste water and the supply of high purity media.

As a long-standing partner of the industry, INTEGA understands these extensive requirements and, if desired, the experienced engineers also implement them in ready-to-use complete solutions.


Please feel free to take a look at our services and solutions. This will provide you with a good first impression of our working methods and extensive capabilities.


  • High purity media supply systems
  • Pipeline systems


  • Gas cabinets
  • Valve maniufl systems VMBs/ VMPs
  • Gas mixing and metering systems
  • Gas detection

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