Custom-made products: “Plug & Process”

INTEGA offers a complete solution in special technical / safety containers, are ideal for a variable and flexible gas supply. Due to prefabrication at INTEGA, they can be installed on any production site in a time and cost-saving manner. Following integration within the existing supply infrastructure on site and final overall testing, the gas supply systems are ready for operation at short notice.

For the more complex gas supply within your production building, individual gas panels or gas cabinets (fully automatic, semi-automatic or manually operated) are designed by INTEGA; these are equipped with the latest measuring and control technology for purity requirements up to a quality of 8.0 (i.e. 99.999999 % purity). According to your preferences is the automation will be equipped with controls from either Siemens, Schneider Electric, Bosch, ABB or other suppliers.

INTEGA makes it possible

  • individually equipped and configured, with in-house CAD planning
  • space-saving design and transportable worldwide
  • bulk containers up to 900 l barrels
  • risk (and hazard) assessments
  • modular designs possible
  • monitoring systems: gas detection, fire alarm system, CO2 extinguishing system
  • ventilation, exhaust air and air conditioning technology
  • exhaust gas treatment possible
  • completely automated and network-compatible
  • organisation of the approval by the authorities

Well supplied in the long term

The INTEGA service team will be happy to assume the maintenance work for you even after the commissioning of a "Plug & Process" solution and ensures that you can reliably produce at the highest level.