Efficiently controlling complex technology

In the field of automation technology, permanent innovation meets the increasing complexity of systems and technologies. Increasingly detailed DIN, VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) and factory regulations must be taken into account in the field of process control. At the same time, we at INTEGA know that automation is very important in terms of the plant safety, availability and operability. In addition, automation stands for short communication paths, ensuring the security of supply and uncomplicated maintenance and service work, including remote maintenance.


We realise your wishes

First and foremost we search for the perfect solution for your requirements - in terms of software and hardware. Whether it's custom-fit control technology in a top-mounted or floor-standing cabinet or a complex container solution: Our highly specialised, efficient team from INTEGA's in-house automation department takes on the individual planning for your project and oversees the entire manufacturing and assembly process right through to commissioning.

Range of services

  • Development of customised automation concepts and control systems for gas and chemical supply systems, liquid metering systems or mixing systems
  • Design of small controllers to the data networking of complex entire systems
  • Preparation of all the necessary planning documents such as layouts, data point lists, cause-effect diagrams, etc.
  • Development of circuit diagrams with current CAE systems, e.g. EPLAN
  • Creation, qualification and testing of control and HMI software
  • Visualisations using WinCC Flexible, WinCC, VAC and others
  • In-house developments, for example pressure regulation systems for high purity gases, heating controllers
  • Connecting the process control system of the customer
  • Commissioning, optimisation, maintenance/service and modifications on site and via remote maintenance access
  • Conversion, expansion or modernisation of existing systems
Main appli­ca­tion areas
  • High purity gas supply systems
  • Chemical systems
  • Gas mixing systems
  • Gas analysis systems
  • Drive systems
  • Monitoring systems
  • Control systems
  • Gas detection systems
  • Security systems
  • Redundant systems
Sys­tem planning
  • Consideration of currently valid European and international standards and regulations
  • Inclusion of customer’s factory specifications
  • Integration of experiences and wishes of our customers
  • Preparation of all documents, software and documentation in the respective national language or multilingually
  • Technologies for applications in extreme conditions – from arctic conditions to tropical environments
Cen­tral con­trol and mon­i­tor­ing system

Connecting your central process control system (PCS) is made possible by using various bus technologies. The operating data can be evaluated and the system alarms can be integrated using a monitoring system and/or by the central control system. We will be happy to advise you on the practical implementation of your factory specifications.

Hard­ware and technologies
  • PLC / control systems of the brands SIEMENS, Schneider Electric, BOSCH, VIPA, PILZ or Beijer ELECTRONICS as "Standard Systems", "High Availability Systems" and "Failsafe Systems".
  • PC systems (control system)
  • Special solutions based on microcontrollers
  • Control technology for pressure, flow and temperature control processes
  • Drive and positioning technology
  • Weighing technology
  • Bus technologies such as Profibus, Profinet, BACnet, MODBUS TCP/IP, MODBUS RTU, TCP/IP, LON Networks, Device-Net
  • Database systems
  • Network technology
  • among others

Purity in precision