High-tech industry

INTEGA is well known by Many high-tech manufacturers in the fields of fuel cell technology, fibre optics, optoelectronics, laser technology and microsystems technology due to the company’s many years of successful activity in the demanding semiconductor industry. Where precise supply solutions are required for their production and research processes, many of them rely on INTEGA as an experienced partner. Even challenging infrastructures can be realised for the customer companies as The company's extensive development expertise enables a flexible conception and design of these systems. In particular, INTEGA also develops and produces custom-fit OEM components as a custom-made product or in series.


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  • High purity media supply systems
  • Pipeline systems


  • Gas cabinets
  • Valve distribution systems VMBs/ VMPs
  • Gas mixing and metering systems
  • Gas detection
  • Filter and regulation stations
  • Control and regulation systems
  • Process visualisations

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