Ready for the toughest demands

To guarantee the highest quality and purity, our welding technology department employs highly qualified personnel and is equipped with sophisticated technology – in compliance with the requirements in high purity media engineering.  You can immediately recognise our competence by the remarkable quality of our welds and the purity of the installed INTEGA piping networks. With excellently qualified employees, we can guarantee the reliable reproducibility of our welding results - and document them seamlessly with the associated welding samples.


TIG orbital welding

Using the modern TIG process, we meet even the highest demands for precision and purity. Pipe diameters from 3 to 152 mm (1/8 inch to 6 inch) and wall thicknesses up to 3 mm are processed by our INTEGA experts on orbital welding machines with closed welding heads. Open welding guns are used for larger diameters and wall thicknesses. The primary materials used are corrosion free, austenitic stainless-steel and nickel-based materials.

Our pool of equipment includes:

  • ARC-Machines 207, 307 and 205
  • Swagelok D100, M100 and M200
  • and other manufacturers



INTEGA unites people

If you are inspired by our vision, our diverse range of tasks and our common pursuit of perfection, then please send an unsolicited application to our HR department. We are always looking for motivated, qualified colleagues (m/f/x) to join our team.

Certified personnel

Our well-trained and experienced employees (m/f/d) have all the necessary certificates as manual and orbital welders:

  • Operators of welding equipment according to DIN EN 1418
  • Manual welding according to DIN EN ISO 287:-1 and EN-ISO 9606-4
  • Brazing according to DIN EN 13133
  • Plastic welding according to DVS 2212-1

Our qualified welding supervisors, consisting of welding engineers and welding technicans, are committed to competent monitoring, testing, documentation, and welding consultation.

Permits and certificates

As a specialist company, we have the following permits and certificates for welding quality requirements:

  • according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2
  • according to AD 2000 Data Sheet HP 0 und HP 100 R
  • according to various welding process tests

Purity in precision