Infrastructure and supply systems for high purity gases

The INTEGA systems for gas supply to laboratories and production facilities are available in different configuration levels depending on customer requirements: Be it Individual components, integrable system groups or ready-to-use complete systems - all are designed and manufactured by INTEGA and its in house expertise. Optional integration within the central control, safety or monitoring systems is made possible by using various bus systems.

Gas cab­i­nets and gas with­draw­al systems

Gas cabinets and stations

INTEGA offers several gas cabinets with different degrees of automation for different usage profiles. All of them are also available as stand-alone solutions and are characterised by a high degree of flexibility in various areas of application, with the highest safety standards and minimal space requirements.

  • Fully automatic gas cabinets and stations can be conveniently programmed and controlled via a touch panel. They are easy to integrate within the existing infrastructure, no matter whether they are control, monitoring or alarm systems.
  • Semi-automatic gas cabinets and stations offer integrated control programs and allow serial system networking. Central connection to the control system is possible via common protocols and media.
  • Manually controlled gas cabinets and stations are a cost-effective option, for example for long cycles between cylinder changes. Here, the operation is performed via SOP.

Disposal, distribution and connection systems

In addition to the VMP / VMB and cabinets for gas and chemicals disposal systems and Machine connections/Hook Up also form part of the INTEGA product portfolio.

Gas mix­ing systems

The INTEGA systems realise reliably reproducible gas mixtures in any volume ratio – in a manner that is flexibly applicable and yet highly precise.

Pipeline sys­tems

Extensive 2D/3D planning serves as a basis for the production of piping systems of various qualities. Even the highest quality requirements can be met using the orbital welding process. A thorough and comprehensive weld documentation provides evidence of having applied the greatest possible care and precision.

Lab­o­ra­to­ry, test and cal­i­bra­tion gas supply

In addition to test equipment connections and special piping, INTEGA's portfolio also includes extraction units and gas cylinder stations as well as laser gas and calibration gas supply systems.

Vac­u­um systems

INTEGA manufactures customised vacuum solutions that can be applied reliably and securely for pump stations, measuring and shot-off and control systems.