High Purity Gas Supply Systems

  Growth through performance

Growth through performance

Growth through performance

INTEGA is one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in this field of industry. With our 6 locations in Europe, we are a reliable partner for our customers. Learn more about our references.› references

System supplier and specialist in high purity gas technology.

As a system provider, INTEGA takes care of every step in product development, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and service. We plan, build, and install complete gas supply systems – from individual components to the complete construction of the plant.

Our Products

From modules to fully automatic gas cabinets: flexible, space-saving, easy to use, and with high safety standards.

Gas cabinet/gas withdrawal systems
  • Gas cabinet and stations

    The gas cabinets made by INTEGA are characterized by their flexibility, high safety standards, and minimum space requirements (can also be used as stand-alone systems). The initial startup and purging of gas when replacing and switching cylinders is fully automatic. The touch panel controls are extremely user-friendly, setpoints are freely programmable, and the desired operating mode can be selected.

    Connection to a central control system is also possible via various bus systems. The operating data can be evaluated and the system alarms can be integrated using a monitoring system and/or by the central control system.

    A selection of manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic system solutions provide the technical basis for your individually customized gas supply system.

    • Fully automatic gas cabinets and stations


      • User-friendly, soft-key-based controls using a touch panel
      • Connection to a central control system via various bus systems
      • Evaluation of operating data by a monitoring system and/or connection to the central control system
      • Integration of gas detection alarms and other messages
      • Recording of the alarm histories on the gas cabinet and/or on the monitoring system
      • Predefined authorization-levels for user, superuser and administrator level
      • Setpoints can be programmed as desired
      • Ability to select the operating modes, for example OPERATING or STANDBY
      Technical Data:

      Used for:
      Cylinder connection standard:
      Pressure range:
      Power supply:
      Cabinet sizes:
      special gas cylinders B1 to B50
      All common sizes
      up to 200 bar
      110 V AC 60 Hz | 230 V AC 50 Hz
      750 x 560 x 2330 mm (LxWxH)


    • Semi-automatic gas cabinets and stations

      4 Integrated control programs:

      • Commissioning
      • Change cylinder
      • Remove cylinder
      • System test: gas cylinder pressure, process gas pressure, purging gas pressure, rupture disk function

      Additional functions:

      • EMERGENCY Stop function for the supply in case of an accident
      • Serial networking of the systems
      • Central connection to the control system using all common protocols and media
    • Manually activated gas cabinet and stations
      • Economical variant
      • All operations using SOP documents
      • Used for long cylinder change cycles

  • Gas withdrawal units

  • Valve Distribution Panels/Boxes
    We develop and supply the corresponding distribution systems for the gases and chemicals you use: cabinets, valve distribution panels, or valve distribution boxes.

  • Machine connections
  • Tank farm installations

    Basic gas supply systems using tank farm installations are one of the primary services we provide. The gas supplier provides the tanks and gases, while INTEGA installs the necessary supply lines and gas withdrawal units for the customer. The stainless steel pipes used for this purpose are either routed at ground level or at different heights, and more and more often underground.

  • Piping systems

    We manufacture your pipelines and supply systems in the following pipe qualities and using the following joining technologies:

    • Connection of stainless steel pipelines in various qualities using the orbital and manual welding processes (1/8 inch to 6 inches in diameter)
    • VCR technology
    • Threaded pipe unions (Swagelok, HAM-LET)
    • Flange technique
    • Press-fitting systems
    • Plastic connections (welding, gluing)
      PP/PVDF pipes (purified/unpurified)
      PFA pipelines
      PVCU transparent (with a PFA hose insert)
      PE pipes
Gas mixing systems

At INTEGA, you benefit from our comprehensive expertise in all areas of gas technology. Our services are matched to meet your requirements and expectations. In principle, gases can be mixed together at any volume ratio you want. We provide you with a gas mixture in the ppm, ppb, or even down to the ppt range, and do this with the highest precision and reproducibility.

  • Gas mixing systems
  • Gas purification systems
  • Gas supply control systems
Laboratory, test, and calibration gas supply systems
  • Test equipment connections
  • Special piping systems
  • Gas withdrawal units
  • Gas cylinder stations
  • Laser gas supply systems
  • Calibration gas supply systems
Vacuum systems
  • Pump stations
  • Shut-off and control systems
  • Measuring systems
High purity media systems

With the development, planning, engineering, assembly, and qualification of complete supply systems for high purity media, INTEGA is in the leading position on the market. The high purity media include special and high purity gases up to quality level 8.0 (i.e. 99.999999% purity) as well as chemical and high purity water supply and disposal systems.

  • Filter and control stations/special gas control systems
  • Gas distributors
  • High purity media supply systems
  • Piping systems


Central control and monitoring system

Using various bus systems, connection to a central process control system (PCS) is feasible. The operating data can be evaluated and the system alarms can be integrated using a monitoring system and/or by the central control system.

Benefit from our innovative capacity

We offer you experience and the latest know-how, safety, and performance for your innovation:

  • 170 employees (engineers, technicians, and installers) are available with their know-how
  • In-house automation department
  • Production in our own clean rooms