Our most critical success factor: Our people.

Our most critical success factor: Our people.

Our most critical success factor:
Our people.

The high standards we realize for our customers also apply to the processes in our company: experience in this case means staying a step ahead through more reliability and innovational strength. This is why we attract the best and maintain a longstanding cooperation with them.

Benefit from the best

There are only a few industries in which people play an as important role as they do at our company. This is where innovative processes encounter a more and more complex technical environment and a rigid safety requirements.

We are 170 experienced INTEGA employees at 6 locations at your disposal. Our experienced engineers, with their own automation department, take over the planning, development, realization, qualification, and commissioning of your projects.

We have highly qualified technicians, master craftsmen, orbital welders, and expert installers available for assembly, service and maintenance work.

Trust in our competencies. Profit from our know-how and motivation.

Motivated for your project

We motivate our experts to be innovative, extraordinarily dedicated, and always to have a distinctive sense for safety.

Commitment to our daily work, responsibility and team spirit are central values that we appreciate and want to offer you. We protect the health of our teams, and we invest continually in high quality education and training programs.