Development & Planning

The most recognized experts at your disposal

The most recognized experts at your disposal

The most recognized experts at your disposal:

Our experienced engineers look for the optimum solution for you, either from a large standard technical repertoire or as an individually tailor-made solution. At the end of the day,it always comes down to enable your process in the most efficient and reliable way with ultimate quality.

Innovative developments – inexpensive solutions

Development and engineering in our company is always aiming at creating added value and developing safe processes.

Our developers and engineers have a wide range of experience in all areas of high purity media technology and are familiar with the most recent developments. They also give you the assurance that you are investing in technologies and equipment designed compatible with requirements of the future.

Our engineers supported by our procurement department strive for solutions for your project that offer the best value for money.

Analysis Fundamentals • Concept • Design Planning • Approval Planning • Execution Planning


INTEGA patents generated during the development of individual projects prove our company’s capacity for innovation.

CAD professionals and modern technologies

At each step of the planning process, we use modern CAD technology – up to and including 3D detailed design drafting, process simulation (Aspen) , and the optimization of plant systems, small components, and even complex plant systems.

Our own small and highly specialized team of CAD professionals provides support to all INTEGA locations. With excellent know-how, state-of-the-art technologies, and the latest software, this team develops package solutions for the following:

Gas and Chemical Cabinets • Valve Distribution Boxes • Gas Mixing Systems and Gas Metering Systems • Gas Control Systems • Vacuum Systems • Laboratory, Testing, and Calibration Gas Supplies • Piping Systems • Hook-up Installations