Specialized OEM Customers

Your goal is our starting point

Your goal is our starting point

Your goal is our starting point:

Added value. It starts with the first qualified and professional consulting session and continues on with the expert, process-oriented project management.

Equipment manufacturing

INTEGA has specialized in innovative, cost-effective, and practical solutions in the area of manufacturing equipment for OEM companies.

Our Products are used primarily in the following areas:
  • Coating processes for semiconductors → manufacturing/applications in the areas of RTP and logic,
  • Coating processes for photovoltaics → glass glazing – collector manufacturing,
  • Gas purification → Refining high purity gases – increase of the gas quality up to 8.0


Our Services:

Development, layout, production, and logistics support – as a full service package or for selected areas to meet your requirements

  • Concept creation and consulting services as a basis for further planning
  • Layout and selection of the required components according to the required system parameters
  • Planning and design using the latest CAD software
    Modeling of manufacturing drawings in 3-D
  • Clean room manufacturing in our clean rooms classified according to ISO
  • Examination using He leakage tests, pressure tests, moisture content measurements, and particle measurements
  • System tests, production of documentation
  • Communication and collaboration with the supervising public offices and testing authorities
  • Taking care of shipping arrangements


Our product line ranges from simple connecting pipelines and small assemblies to complete gas mixing systems – “PROCESS GAS SUPPLY SYSTEM” for manufacturing tools
  • Design of the system to use minimal space
  • Designed for inert, toxic, combustible, and flammable gases, vacuum
  • Automated monitoring system and regulation of the gas flows
    Pressure measurement, flow rate measurement, flow control →
    manometers, pressure measuring transducers, pressure regulators, mass flow controllers, and mass flow meters
  • Valve modules consisting of multiport valves to obtain specific medium mixtures
  • Low dead leg system design
  • Medium filtration – use of filters and purifiers
  • Connection technologies compliant to high purity gas standards
  • Expandable due to a modular design
  • Automation and semi-automation using pneumatic and control components
    Predefined and compatible system interfaces – “plug and play” solutions
  • Safety devices and equipment – smoke detectors, gas detection, etc.
  • Selection of system cabinets and in-house design of control cabinets and gas cabinets

We want to offer you innovative, cost-effective, and practical solutions that meet your specifications and requirements for safety and functionality.

A solid basis is formed by our years of experiences in the development, design, and production of plants and systems for mixing, metering, and cleaning in the field of high purity media.