Working together – growing together

INTEGA is a renowned company for the high purity media technology and can be found wherever the highest quality is required in plant engineering: ranging from the semiconductor industry/microelectronics to the pharmaceutical and automotive industries to research and development. The expectations of our specialised customers require a constant process of improvement and development in all areas of the company - and therefore naturally also a particularly innovative team.


With experience and vision

At seven growing locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, INTEGA currently has around 170 employees (m/f/x) working in development, design, automation and production, in the areas of installation and site management as well as in commercial professions and project management. We are united by over 75 years of high purity media history and a common mission: providing demanding customers with state-of-the-art technology solutions.

We are completely future-oriented. After all, we are not only looking for the best ideas of tomorrow, but also for the next generations of INTEGA employees (m/f/x) who will continue to shape our company in the future. Securing the company's future through its in-house highly qualified training is an important pillar of INTEGA's personnel management.


Working at INTEGA

In our competent team, you can expect a very innovative and close-knit familiar working environment with a wide range of clients and flat hierarchies, participation and co-determination. You work with high-quality and interesting techniques and technology, shape innovations yourself and are directly involved in new developments, in a way that is only possible in small, professionally set-up working groups.


Humans take centre stage

Most certainly we are passionate about our technology. But nothing would be possible without our employees (m/f/x)! They are and will remain our most important resource, and their well-being and safety are our top priority. Only by working together as a team can we continue to meet high and increasingly complex technological demands and shape a successful future.


You are still at school and would like to familiarise yourself with exciting technical professions at INTEGA during a student internship? We would love to have you on board! We regularly offer internships for pupils to provide them with some vocational orientation. Such an internship usually lasts 2 weeks. During this time, you will familiarise yourself with many work processes in our workshops and planning offices. Talk to your INTEGA contact about your interests and wishes before the start of your internship – in this way we can organise your internship in the best possible way for both sides. At the end of your internship, your supervisor will evaluate your performance.

Apply with a short application (cover letter + CV) stating your preferred location (Munich or Dresden) by sending an email to our HR department


An apprenticeshipat one of our close-knit and technologically well-equipped INTEGA locations provides you with an excellent basis for your future career - ideally, of course, with us at INTEGA! What makes your training with us so special? From the very beginning INTEGA apprentices are firmly integrated within our teams and thus learn from the best. You will quickly be given your own challenging tasks, but be assured, you will always have a competent person by your side. By the way, our apprentice trainer at the Dresden site was once an apprentice himself at INTEGA – therefore he knows all questions apprentices might ask from his very own experience and can most certainly help you.

At INTEGA, you can contribute your own ideas to our technical and commercial apprenticeships right from the start - we highly value innovative thinking and commitment. We share your passion for technology, your sense of precision and the pursuit of the perfect solution for our customers, including large companies such as Infineon, Bosch, BMW or Daimler. Apart from the training curriculum, you will benefit from our regular trainee exchange between the Munich and Dresden sites and can take advantage of many INTEGA health offers, e.g. a gym membership.


INTEGA promises

  • We take on 100% of our apprentices

If you feel at home with us and perform well during your apprenticeship, we will be happy to take you on as a permanent member of our team - guaranteed and for an unlimited period!

  • Home and away

We offer you excellent training and career opportunities in your own region - and at the same time, if you are interested, we also enable you to change locations within our network or to travel on business.

  • Aim high

If you are interested in studying for a degree or further training as  a technician or master craftsman once you have successfully completed your apprenticeship, we will be happy to support you. And promise that your job at INTEGA will be waiting for you once you have finished your studies.

  • Welcome-Package

We look forward to welcoming you to our team with an INTEGA welcome gift and your job ticket when you start your training.


If you are interested, please send a complete application (cover letter, CV, references) by email to our HR department:


Are you studying for a technical degree, e.g. process engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, or a commercial subject, e.g. business administration, and are interested in an internship or working student position at INTEGA? You are very welcome! We offer various internships and student positions at our Munich and Dresden locations, depending on demand and opportunities.

If you are interested, please send a complete application (cover letter, CV, references) by email to our HR department:


Are you looking for new professional opportunities or would like to start a career at INTEGA after completing your training or studies? We are always looking for valuable professional experience, personal commitment and exceptional expertise. There are many interesting opportunities for you at our seven growing locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - we look forward to receiving your application.

Direct employment and INTEGA benefits

At INTEGA, we focus on reliable, long-term and sustainable partnerships - not only with our customers. Many of your colleagues can already look back on a long, successful career in our team, and nevertheless are always faced with new, exciting tasks in the project business with leading industrial companies. We are also happy to offer you a direct employment as well as many INTEGA benefits, e.g. our health offers, with gym membership and a job bike, further training opportunities or the company pension scheme.

Our working philosophy

  • At INTEGA, we promote the motivation, initiative and performance of our employees (m/f/x). As we can only ensure our joint success if we assume responsibility and set high standards for ourself.
  • The working conditions of all employees (m/f/x) are based on respect for people. We reject any form of discrimination.
  • We offer competitive and performance-oriented remuneration, cultural diversity, openness and transparency.
  • Our daily cooperation is characterised by team spirit, professionalism and the mutual exchange of expertise.

We all meet the challenges of the future with the development of our skills, further training, professional as well as geographic mobility and constructive dialogue.