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INTEGA Russia: Certified for demanding projects in Russia

In December 2012, the INTEGA branch office in Russia became a recognized member of an SRO (self-regulatory organization).

After the certificate was awarded, INTEGA Russia was put through its paces in order to provide services in Russia according to Russian standards, which apply to all industry segments: From chemicals and pharmaceuticals to food, and from electronics to energy.

In particular, this includes:

  • Project management
  • Construction management and construction services
  • Gas and chemical installations

The qualification process consisted of comprehensive training and authorizations spanning all management and operative levels in the following areas:

  • Occupational safety
  • Fire protection
  • Electrical, gas, and ventilation systems
  • Environmental and energy management

Welding inspections and authorizations for a wide variety of test procedures are included in the authorization processes of the SRO.


INTEGA – Certified for public and private contracts

  • As of now, we are in a position to perform our accounting according to the Russian standards KS2 and KS3!
  • With the awarding of SRO qualification, we now fulfill the liability requirements according to Russian law, which is an important prerequisite to make business in Russia.
  • INTEGA can contract subcontractors, monitor and qualify their services, and award service contracts in Russia.

This demanding standard allows us to handle complex contracts for public projects and private clients.

We are now officially authorized in Russia to execute and bill our own services. Furthermore we are able to import material and installation services from other EU-companies and offer these in Russia.

After a short “integration phase”, we managed successfully to quickly gain our first references:


Are you looking for a competent and reliable partner to realize your complex projects in Russia? INTEGA has yet layed the foundation to support you in this case!